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“What is Balinese Massage?”

Balinese Massage is a traditional massage that has been handed down from generation to generation since ancient times. Although it has a strong image of relaxation, it was actually used as a beauty treatment and health method for the Javanese royal family. The origin of Balinese massage is based on Ayurveda in India. From there, traditional medicine and massage methods from various other disciplines, such as Chinese Shiatsu and Thai Buddism, were also introduced to Indonesia and Bali. These different techniques and philosophies were gradually fused to create what we use in Balinese massage today. It is believed that the current Balinese massage was born from these foundations. Balinese massage focuses on the use of palms, thumbs, and elbows in its techniques. Along with the flow of muscles and lymph nodes, oil is used to give the treatment long, slow, and strong strokes. As blood flow improves, even with firm pressure there is no pain! The relaxation is so deep that you may find yourself falling asleep Unlike relaxation massages and treatments where the body is only pushed upon, Balinese massage promotes the flow of blood and water through the body while firmly draining lymph. This has a variety of effects, such as care for muscle fatigue, stiffness, the relief of swelling, and improving of skin condition. Balinese massage also aims to send Ki through the hands of the therapist to purify the mind and soul. Ki (Qi or Chi) is the vital energy circulating through our body Therefore, Balinese massage is a healing relaxation that purifies the body as well as the mind. The mind and the body are always two sides of the same coin. If either one is misaligned, the other will be affected and a loss of balance may occur. To keep your mind and body in a healthy atmosphere, please give Balinese massage a try💫






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